US silent on meteor strike near Air Force base

Melbourne [Australia], Aug 04: The United States Air Force has not made any mentions of a meteor that crashed near one of its bases near Greenland on July 25.

An object, confirmed to be travelling at the speed of 24.4 kilometers per second by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, exploded with a force of 2.1 kilotons 43 kilometers north of the Thule Air Base, Fox News reports.

Taking to his Twitter account, the Director of the Nuclear Information Project for the Federation of American Scientists, Hans Kristensen reported the event.

“We’re still here, so they correctly concluded it was not a Russian first strike. There are nearly 2,000 nukes on alert, ready to launch.”, he tweeted.

Meanwhile, the NASA Planetary Defense Officer highlighted the need to do more for detecting large asteroid movement.

“The Chelyabinsk event drew widespread attention to what more needs to be done to detect even larger asteroids before they strike our planet,” Lindley Johnson, NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer, was quoted by Fox News as saying.

The Chelyabinsk event resulted in the formation of the International Asteroid Warning Network, an international group of organizations involved in detecting, tracking, and characterizing Near Earth Objects.