Tollywood sex racket unearthed in Chicago

Flesh trade in USA has been all too familiar in NRI circles in the last few years. Now it has come out in the open as the US police authorities, after running an operation spanning the last 6 months, have arrested key players involved in the operation. The kingpins behind this racket are Kishan Modugumudi (35) and his wife Chandra Modugumudi. Kishan is also well known in NRI circles – the couple allegedly also goes by the pseudonyms Vibha Jayam and Chennupati. The couple is now accused of luring Tollywood actress to USA and then co-ordinating the prostitution ring.

As per court records, the couple charged clients up to $3000 for each sexual encounter. The actresses are brought to the USA on temporary visas, mainly in the guise of attending local events and conferences. The actresses were also sent to hotels at conferences in Dallas, New Jersey, and Washington. The couple had rented a two bedroom apartment and housed 5 actresses in a dingy apartment.

Modugumudi’s wife, Chandra, has kept a ledger of sex acts performed by each actress, including where they occurred, name of the persons involved, and how much money was collected. As per sources, a number of NRIs who are involved in local organizations have exchanged messages with ‘Vibha Jayam’ or the actresses directly.

Federal authorities also discovered 70 condoms packed into multiple ziplock bags. Victims (actresses) also allege harassment by the Modugumudi couple. The feds have seized phone records and text messages from the couple and various actresses.

The Feds have also interviewed a number of individuals who had met the actresses in the past.