Kristin Thomas terrified of virus, happy with lockdown

#dailynews60 : Veteran actor Kristin Thomas Scott says she is “terrified” that one day she might contract the coronavirus as there are so many people she knows who have been infected with the disease.

The 60-year-old actor, who has been self-isolating at home since late March because of the pandemic, said as she falls under the vulnerable age group she tries to be extra cautious before stepping out.

“(I won’t go to the shop) without looking like a total lunatic because I’m covered. I’ve got a mask on, I’ve got a headscarf on, I’ve got glasses on because I just don’t want to get sick and I’m still terrified of catching it. Horror.

“And a friend of mine did get it and ended up in hospital, ICU, for 10 days or something. Terrible. I know so many people who have had it. And you know, because I’m, I’m getting towards the age group of people who are more vulnerable myself… Slowly tiptoeing towards it,” Scott told The Observer newspaper.

The “Fleabag” star said lockdown has proved “beneficial” for her, adding she was wary about these measures when they were announced almost three months ago.

Staying in one place was refreshing as she realised her travelling habits had gone “totally out of control”, she added.

“(Lockdown made me realise) that I really am here now. And I think, I have been for quite a while, actually, but in denial. I try and make one French film a year. Do you know, I figured out that I haven’t stayed in the same place for more than two weeks for about 10 years? It’s just, my life – it got totally out of control,” Scott said.