Karnataka: Police to take action against Kiki challenge

Bengaluru [Karnataka], Aug 3: Taking a firm stand against the viral ‘In My Feelings’ challenge – also known as the ‘Kiki’ challenge – Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister G. Parameshwara said police will take strict actions against those people, who will continue the “dangerous” stint in the state.

The challenge requires people to jump out of their cars and dance on the streets to singer Drake’s hit ‘In My Feelings’ song. The bizarre social media sensation has been causing numerous accidents, which has got the authorities worried.

“It’s very dangerous. We would not like to see young people dying on the streets. That’s why we want to discourage this. It is not in conformity with the law. So, we have advised them not to do this, but if they continue, police will take action,” Parameshwara said on Thursday.

His statement came after the Bengaluru Police, just like other state authorities, issued a warning against the challenge and urged people not to do it.

The Bengaluru City Police’s official Twitter handle posted the warning, writing, “BCP’s Kiki: If you dance for #KikiChallenge on the roads, We’re sure of making you dance behind the bars!! Kiki Challenge may get you a KICK OF LAW not KICK OF DANCE.”

Similar warnings were earlier issued by Mumbai Police, Uttar Pradesh Police and Delhi Police.