Is Kia considering the Ceed hatchback for India?

#dailynews60 Kia Motors may be considering the Ceed hatchback for India. This could actually turn out to be a very unique product across segments.

The Kia Ceed hatchback is reportedly being considered for the Indian market as per the Senior General Marketing of Marketing and PR at Kia Motors India, Sun Wook Hwang. The SP Concept SUV will launch first sometime next year and this will be followed by a new compact SUV in 2020. The Ceed could also be a part of the company’s portfolio by then.

Kia will not look at galvanizing higher sales volumes from this hatchback which competes with the Hyundai i30 and Volkswagen Golf globally. Instead, it will be a prestige product, helping Kia enhance its brand value by offering something luxurious, exclusive and premium to customers. The Ceed will not be eligible for sub-4m benefits on account of its length.

It could be priced at par with the Hyundai Elantra and other luxury sedans or even more. It will be positioned as a premium offering for those who want something radically different from the crowd. The hatchback could be launched in the GT Line trim which comes with red and black detailing, attractive bumpers and bigger 17-inch alloy wheels. There could be an all-black cabin with specially designed front seats. The Indian version will have a direct injection 1.4 litre 140 hp turbo petrol mill and a 136 hp 1.6 litre diesel engine. There will be 7-speed dual-clutch transmission systems for both variants.

The Ceed will take the CKD route for local assembling although it may be produced in India in case overall demand crosses 1, 000 units every month. Kia has already stated that it does not wish to be confined by conventional market segments and car body styles. The Ceed seems to be a step in that direction and will be one of the most unique offerings for the Indian market in recent times.

Will the Kia Ceed work in India, considering its premium positioning and high pricing? Do you think Kia Motors is on the right track in terms of its product strategy for the Indian market? Your opinion counts.