Fuel prices continue to decline, bring relief to people

#dailynews60 Fuel prices in the country are continuing to drop downwards which is good news for customers who were affected by the scorching increases in fuel prices in the recent past.

Prices of diesel and petrol have continued their decline prior to Diwali. Petrol prices have already come down by Rs. 0.22 per litre while diesel prices have come down by around Rs. 0.21 per litre depending on the State in question. The latest price reduction indicates a lowering of petrol prices by more than Rs. 4 per litre and diesel prices by more than Rs. 2.5 per litre over the last 19 days or so.

Petrol was being offered at Rs. 78.65 per litre based on the Hindustan Petroleum website while diesel was being retailed at Rs. 73.25 per litre in the National Capital. Prices for petrol and diesel in Mumbai are Rs. 84.15 per litre and Rs. 76.76 per litre respectively.

The fuel price decline can be attributed to several initiatives undertaken by the Central and State Governments along with the downward slide in global crude oil prices and enhancement of the rupee as compared to the US Dollar.

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