Bahubali star, Anushka Shetty decoded

Get her stunning secrets and incredible photos here

Anushka Shetty is one of the biggest stars in Telugu and Tamil cinema and she has garnered nationwide recognition with India’s biggest hit, Bahubali. You too must have been Anushka’s fan for ages but how well do you know your favourite star? Check this list to get all her secrets and her stunning photos!


1. Anushka Shetty’s real name is Sweety Shetty – Anushka is her stage name. She belongs to the Tuluva community (Tulu speaking community) and was born in Mangalore, Karnataka.

2. Anushka has astonishing driving skills. She loves to ride bikes in her free time.

3. Anushka is a professional Yoga trainer; can you believe it! Before starting her acting career, Anushka learned Yoga from the renowned master, Bharath Thakur.

4. Anushka is a poetry lover too; she is also a poet and she likes to write poems when she gets some free time. Imagine you and Anushka sharing each other’s favourite poems – dream on!

5. Anushka also likes to read books and nature articles. Her favourite novel is Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo.


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