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An intelligent citizen needs to be an informed citizen – wisdom without knowledge is hardly gainful.

This immediately throws up two requirements. One, a citizen needs to have access to timely news and two, the citizen must have access to unbiased news.

In today’s chaotic and fast-paced world, change is extremely rapid. Hence, there is no place for stale news. You need to stay on top of the news every minute – 60 minutes per hour.

At the same time, you need to have unbiased coverage of the news. Fake news or biased news is worse than no news at times.

With these factors in mind, we decided to launch Daily News 60 in order to be your one-stop destination for complete and unbiased news coverage. Take a look through the different sections of this website and discover for yourself how Daily News 60 ensures that you always stay ahead of the rest of the world.

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